Stop Your Body from Resisting Insulin

Stop Your Body from Resisting Insulin

A diagram showing normal insulin levels versus insulin resistance levels.Feline Kondula Butcher wants to warn everybody to stop your body from resisting insulin. It is a very important hormone secreted from the pancreas, because it is responsible for several bodily functions. These include balancing blood sugar levels, improving fat metabolism and delivering glucose, which is blood sugar, to the cells so it can be used as energy. The right amounts of insulin are released depending on the types of food you eat. There are specific foods which produce a high insulin response than others. High glycemic index (GI) foods bring about elevated levels of insulin. If the levels are too high, besides converting glucose into energy; it will reserve all the extra energy into various parts of the body as fat. There are foods that “produce fat” in the body. If they are eaten frequently, can lean to undesirable weight gain.

These fat manufacturing foods consist of simple carbohydrates and foods drenched in sugar. The usual culprits are candy, cookies, corn,  potato chips, white bread, bagels, white rice, sweetened cereals and soft drinks. Therefore, if your plan is to lose weight keep your insulin levels low. The more balanced your insulin levels are, the more your body will burn fat rather than create it. Extremely high levels of insulin can foster the condition called “syndrome X” or also referred to as “insulin resistance syndrome”. The symptoms are high cholesterol,  increased body fat and high blood pressure. If left untreated, type 2 diabetes,strokes, polycystic ovary syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease could occur.

The name insulin resistance refers to the fact that the body’s cells are resistant to insulin, which stops it from transporting energy into the cell. Consequently, the pancreas has to create more insulin to keep the body’s structure balanced. A rule of thumb is that people who are overweight and cannot shed the weight easily are insulin resistant. They suffer from mood swings and a decline in muscle and lean body mass. Get more details on insulin resistance from Wiki.

Insulin resistance can be controlled with the correct diet, supplementation and the big benefit of all is exercise. Feline Butcher has several years of knowledge in nutrition and can guide you on which foods are high in GI as well as  help you put more low GI foods into your diet, so you can acquire and keep healthy insulin levels. At Nutrikon you can test for high insulin levels and follow a wellness program to ensure optimum health.

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