Feline Butcher Puts Sleep to Rest

dog sleeping

The body requires sleep on a regular basis to recover from environmental stress it endured during the awaken hours. In particular, the nervous system and immune system need to recuperate to fulfil long term memory storage, development and learning. Many of us believe that we need to sleep, because we get sleepy. However, becoming acutely or chronically sleep deprived could ... Read More »

Feline Butcher Starts the Year with a Cleaner Lymphatic System

A detoxifying drink.

On an average day we are vulnerable to thousands of various toxins, use products that are chemically based and ingest harmful processed foods. It’s a good thing our bodies came equipped to cope with all the elements 21st century living throws at us.  The human body is able to detoxify naturally, which is great news especially after the holiday season. ... Read More »

Feline Butcher Reveals the Flu Shot is More Dangerous than the Flu

Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury in Flu Shots

It’s winter, so that means knitted sweaters, skiing holidays and the not so anticipated flu season. The media and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been urging the public to get their flu shot. Some people in the medical field feel people should protect themselves and their loved ones from the flu vaccine, rather than the flu. ... Read More »

Feline Butcher Explores Organic Meats

A hamburger with organic meat.

The organic food industry is persistently growing and making headline news, but most of the time the spotlight is has been on organic produce. Meat is also available in the organic category, but it hasn’t really caught on because of the numbers reading on the price sticker.Organic food is becoming popular and a lot more available than ever before, but ... Read More »

Feline Says Eat Raw Food to Control Diabetes

A diabetic man with an insulin on the raw food diet.

If you are overweight and unhealthy your biggest concern is developing type 2 diabetes. The media has bombarded all of us with the facts and horrible side effects this deadly disease has on our bodies. Even more so if an individual ignores symptoms and leaves their diabetes untreated. Medication is a conventional way of handling this disease. Despite this, Feline ... Read More »

Feline Butcher Warns Solvents Can Do More Harm than Good

Woman cleaning with toxic solvents.

Many of us when purchasing a cleaning solution want to know if the product is capable of removing grease and stubborn stains from our clothing, floors, sinks, baths and counter-tops. But, have you ever stopped to wonder what cleaning products could be doing to your health? Feline Butcher warns solvents can do more harm than good. Dry cleaners are notorious ... Read More »

Feline Butcher Reveals the Medical Secrets of Artemisinin

A mosquito biting a person treated with Artemisinin.

Artemisinin has been around since the mid 1970s when the Chinese army came to a scientific conclusion it was an active ingredient that treats malaria. Feline Butcher reveals the medical secrets of Artemisinin, which is derived from the plant Artemisia annua. It can be found around the entire world, but only the Chinese were using it as a recognized malaria medication. ... Read More »

Feline Butcher sees through the dangers of Thallium

A sign indicating poison.

Thallium is a deadly poison, which was a assassin’s favorite choice for his victims. This is because, thallium is odorless, tasteless, colorless, dissolves in water and puts a person to their death in a matter of hours or days. It all creates a perplexed scenario on how the person died. Feline Butcher sees through the dangers of thallium and exposes ... Read More »

Michael is Living with Ulcerative Colitis

Micheal talks about Ulcerative Colitis.

Michael is living with Ulcerative Colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is recognized by the ulcerations and sores in the rectum, colon and large intestine. The cause of Ulcerative Colitis is not known , however there are risk factors such as genetics and environmental causes such as smoking , infections, taking antibiotics or non-steroidal  anti-inflammatory drugs. Michael stopped being physically active, due to the symptoms that were ... Read More »

Anna Woke Up to the Facts of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anna talks about chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anna woke up to the facts of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after Feline Kondula Butcher put her scientific approach into full effect to help her. Feline Butcher put Anna on an anti-inflammatory diet and advised her on the influences of nutrition on stress, which helped her to realize that she was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Anna and her doctors had ... Read More »